Monday, October 9, 2017

Anatomy Comparitive

Here is a comparative of anatomy to demonstrate what kind of eating habits should be more common to humans. We have teeth like a frugivore and our intestine length is more like a frugivore. We are less like the true omnivore which has canines for ripping meat and intestine length which is severely shorter than ours to help eliminate meat in a timely manner.  Our intestine length is more in-line with a plant based diet which needs to be processed in the gut longer to absorb as much nutrients as possible. So far, I concur that this is true as my weight and health has improved since eating an almost 100% plant based diet. I say almost because whatever bug matter is in honey or bacteria from bugs and animals in the chlorella I use is also beneficial, true frugivore's do include bugs in their diet.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

My Transformation From Eating Meat to Going Vegan and Then 100% Raw

The first picture is from January 2017. The second picture was taken on July 8th 2017, my 41st birthday. The bottom two were taken on August 1st 2017, my daughters birthday. As you can see in the first pictures , I have more weight on me, I'm puffier and I was still feeling like I didn't have the energy I should. The second set of pictures I'm slimmer, more muscle definition and the puffiness is gone!
I watched the "What the Health" documentary on Sunday July 9th and became vegan on the 11th.  One week later on July 18th I went 100% raw after I read "Raw Family" by the Boutenko family (they have a new book out containing all the info from the first books called "fresh"). What a transformation. I am type 1 diabetic, I'm supposed to be on insulin for the rest of my life.  Hahahahaha!! No way! I went off of insulin when I went 100% raw. I've been sending in my numbers every week to my nurses office. One of the nurses called today still amazed and impressed that I'm completely off of insulin.  I have stopped craving sugar and when I need something my body tells me and when I overeat my body tells me. My numbers continue to get better and they bounce back that much faster.

I have so much more strength when I work out and my bike rides are longer and more frequent. My skin is glowing and oh so soft. Mentally I can focus and concentrate better and just my overall perspective is better. Amazing!

I want you to feel this good. I have so much information to offer you and I can get you started in the right direction.  I've been through a lot and can relate to what most people have gone through with their health. Give me a call and let's get started!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

What the Health?!

Yes, I said what the health. lol No, really, there is a documentary you have got to see that makes everything about what we eat and how our bodies assimilate things so clear.  Even my 11 year old changed the way he thought about things and asked a million questions while we watched it.

If you have Netflix you can find it there at this time, otherwise I've found it here:

Tell me what you think of it.

Anatomy Comparitive

Here is a comparative of anatomy to demonstrate what kind of eating habits should be more common to humans. We have teeth like a frugivore...